«Okrasa» 36hp Engine / Carb Kit

«Im offering rebuilt/restored 1300cc stroker Okrasa style long blocks using the popular WW 36hp dual port engine kits. No core is necessary! You get the everything you see here: rebuilt/restored 1300cc 36hp long block  w 69.5mm stroker crankshaft, 36hp performance camshaft, pair of new 32mm “Solex” carbs, properly jetted per Okrasa specs with my 24mm “speed venturi’s”, New wire mesh air cleaners, pair of cadmium plated “Okrasa” intake manifolds, complete linkage kit, fuel line. Right now, build lead time for your longblock is approx. 3-4 weeks. I also build you an online photo album that you can privately view your engine build as it comes together. Shipping Worldwide is not a problem! Have your engine ready for this coming summer! Price: $6495. Mr Okrasa«
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