Repro SWF Ribbed Semaphores

«The first set is out there!! Never available before, we are now offering the long awaited reproduction-original «hybrid» SWF semaphores. These are made out of original SWF «smooth» semaphores, and we carefully convert them to the early ribbed version which was used up to 1953 only. With the astronomic price that original ribbed semaphores have reached, this is a perfect solution for all those who dont want to spend an arm and a leg but still want an almost 100% original look. The only difference between these semaphores is the number stamped on the back. You can now have an original set of SWF ribbed semaphores for half of the price!! 🙂 We base our reproductions in early smooth SWF semaphore bodies, which are identical to the ribbed bodies. Ready to mount in your car, no headaches! Price is only $750 a set! We are now also offering the service to convert your smooth semaphores to ribbed version.» Kontakt: Kaefer-Nostalgie